Yoga is by far the most accessible and necessary of all activities. In this day and age where everything and everyone is so connected to the external and immediacy of life’s demands. We must make a conscious effort to connect with our selves to find the calm that will help us deal with daily stress. Yoga is the activity that everyone no matter your limitations or past experiences everyone can participate. We can come together in a room on our mats and breathe in harmony with one another. Everyone has their own practice. There is no judgment or comparison. We practice compassion and patience especially with our selves. No matter where you do yoga or what type of yoga you practice, we at Tru applaud you for taking the time for you to improve your mental and physical health.

Why do we love hot yoga? The benefits are plentiful. To name a few of the most popular reasons:

  • Increased flexibility due to the infrared therapeutic heat warming your body
  • Increased metabolism due to your body adapting to the soothing heat
  • Detoxification through your body’s largest organ the skin
  • Increased concentration and introspection through the heat
  • Increased blood flow to the skin’s surface increasing collagen production
  • Increased digestion and sleep through stimulation of internal organs
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